Stickers & Labels

Stickers and labels are everywhere. They serve various purposes, from branding and marketing to product identification and instructions. We print all sorts of stickers and labels. These range from paper-based stickers for internal usage, custom labels for mailshots and packaging, to PVC labels for outdoor use. These range in size from tiny stickers for food items to entire vinyl wraps for trucks and vans!

FSC® Certified

Recycled Options

Carbon Offset

Biodegradable Options

FSC® Certified

Recycled Options

Carbon Offset

Biodegradable Options

Your First Impressions
Stickers, though seemingly small and unassuming, play a remarkable role in our lives. These adhesive wonders serve as powerful tools for expression, communication, and branding. From personalising laptops and water bottles with custom designs to helping businesses showcase their logos and promotions, stickers are versatile and impactful.

They offer an engaging and cost-effective means to share messages, express creativity, and leave a lasting impression. Whether used for branding, marketing, art, or personal expression, the importance of sticker printing lies in its ability to transform everyday items into memorable statements, making them an indispensable part of our visual and tactile world.

Paper or Poly?
Paper labels, known for their eco-friendly and cost-effective nature, are often the go-to choice for businesses that require simple, disposable labels for tasks such as address labeling, shipping, or product packaging. They provide a clean, traditional appearance and can be easily written on, making them versatile for various industries.

On the other hand, poly labels, made from synthetic materials like polypropylene or polyester, offer superior durability and resilience. These labels are resistant to moisture, chemicals, and harsh environmental conditions, making them ideal for products that face exposure to the elements.

While paper labels excel in affordability and recyclability, poly labels are the preferred option when longevity and resistance are crucial. The choice between paper and poly labels ultimately depends on the specific needs and demands of your labeling application, whether it’s the convenience of paper or the durability of poly that best suits your requirements.

A4 Sticker Sheets
A4 sticker sheets offer versatility with a minimum order of 25 sheets. Available in uncoated, clear, and polypropylene options, they are ideal for custom labels, branding, or personal use. Uncoated sheets provide a classic look, while clear and polypropylene options offer transparency for unique design applications, making them suitable for a range of creative and promotional projects.

Shaped Stickers
Shaped stickers are adhesive labels cut into custom shapes and designs, going beyond traditional rectangular or square formats. They offer creativity and uniqueness for branding, personal expression, and marketing. Whether used for product labeling, event promotions, or decorative purposes, shaped stickers add visual appeal and enhance the visual identity of various products and projects.

Sticker Roll
Sticker rolls are convenient and versatile adhesive materials supplied on rolls. They are commonly used for labeling, branding, and packaging. Available in various sizes and materials, they offer flexibility for businesses and individuals. Roll format simplifies application, making them ideal for product labeling, marketing, or organisation.

Mailing Labels
Mailing labels are adhesive stickers designed for addressing and identifying mail or packages. Typically used for postage, they feature space for recipient and sender information. These labels come in various sizes, styles, and materials, enhancing efficiency in shipping and ensuring accurate delivery. They’re a staple for businesses and individuals sending mail or packages.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl
Vinyl is a versatile synthetic material widely used in various applications. It’s known for its durability, flexibility, and water-resistant properties. In the context of signage and graphics, vinyl is commonly employed for vehicle wraps, banners, decals, and outdoor advertisements. It’s also used in the music industry for records and in flooring as vinyl flooring. Its adaptability makes it a valuable material in many industries.

Cut Out Vinyl
Cut out vinyl refers to vinyl stickers or graphics that have been precisely cut to follow the outline or shape of the design, leaving no excess material. This technique allows for intricate and custom shapes, making it popular for creating unique decals, logos, and decorative elements. Cut out vinyl is often used for vehicle decals, laptop stickers, promotional materials, and branding applications where precision and detail are essential.

Clear Adhesive Vinyl
Clear adhesive vinyl is a versatile and transparent vinyl material with an adhesive backing. It is commonly used for various applications, including signage, window graphics, and promotional displays. Its transparency allows for the creation of visually appealing designs that can be applied to glass surfaces or other clear substrates while maintaining visibility from both sides. Clear adhesive vinyl is favored for its ability to create eye-catching, see-through graphics for businesses and individuals alike.

Laminated Adhesive Vinyl
Laminated adhesive vinyl is a versatile material with a protective layer that enhances durability and resistance to environmental factors. Ideal for outdoor applications like signage and vehicle wraps, it offers longevity and a polished appearance, making it a popular choice for high-quality, long-lasting graphics and displays.

Window Vinyl
Window vinyls are adhesive films designed for application on glass surfaces. They serve various purposes, including privacy, decoration, and promotional displays. Available in opaque, translucent, or perforated options, they offer flexibility in design and application. Window vinyls are commonly used for storefronts, vehicle windows, and interior or exterior window graphics, providing businesses and individuals with a versatile tool for branding and aesthetic enhancements.

Floor Graphics
Vinyl stickers designed for application on floors, ideal for wayfinding, advertising, and branding in retail spaces, events, and exhibitions.

Magnetic Vinyl
Vinyl with a magnetic backing, suitable for creating removable magnetic signs, promotional materials, and vehicle advertising.

Sticker materials

Substrates are the materials on which stickers and labels are printed. Common substrates include paper, vinyl, polyester, and foil. The choice of substrate depends on the intended application and durability requirements. For example, vinyl stickers are weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor use, while paper labels may be used for indoor applications.

Sticker types

Flyers and leaflets are used by businesses and events across various industries and sectors in Glasgow. Local businesses often rely on these Flyers and Leaflets to announce openings, special promotions, or new product launches.

We use various printing techniques for sticker and label production. The most common methods include:

Digital Printing: This method uses inkjet or laser technology to produce high-quality, full-colour labels. It is ideal for short print runs and variable data printing.

Flexographic Printing: Flexography is a popular choice for long print runs. It uses flexible printing plates and is well-suited for high-speed label production.

Litho Printing: litho printing offers precise colour reproduction and is often used for high-end labels and packaging.

Screen Printing: Screen printing is ideal for printing on uneven or three-dimensional surfaces, making it suitable for speciality labels

Finishing Options

Finishing techniques give stickers and labels their final appearance and functionality. These processes include:

Die Cutting: Die-cutting labels and stickers into their custom shapes. It allows for unique shapes and formats.
Lamination: Lamination adds a protective layer to labels, enhancing durability and resistance to moisture and chemicals.
Embossing and Foil Stamping: These techniques add texture and a touch of elegance to labels, making them stand out. These labels are very popular in the premium drink industry

Customisation and Personalisation

Take your sticker and label printing to a new level!

Variable Data Printing
Variable data printing allows for the customisation of each label with unique information such as serial numbers, barcodes, or QR codes. This is great for product tracking, inventory management and marketing campaigns.

Personalised Packaging
E-commerce has fueled the demand for personalized packaging. Brands are using custom stickers and labels to create memorable unboxing experiences for their customers. These labels often feature personalized messages or branding elements.

Sustainability and Eco-Consciousness

As the worldwide focus on sustainability and eco-consciousness grows, Glasgow is no exception to the trend. Many businesses and organizations are opting for eco-friendly printing options to align with the city’s commitment to reducing environmental impact.

This includes using recycled paper, vegetable-based inks, and minimising waste during the printing process. By incorporating sustainable practices into flyer and leaflet printing, Nettl of Glasgow demonstrates its dedication to both effective marketing and responsible stewardship of the environment. 

Stickers and the Environment

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, sustainability is a key concern in sticker and label printing.

Sustainable Materials
There is a growing shift towards using eco-friendly materials in sticker and label production. Recycled paper and biodegradable adhesives are becoming more common, reducing the environmental impact of labels.

Water-Based Inks
Water-based inks are preferred for their lower environmental impact compared to solvent-based inks. They emit fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are easier to dispose of safely.

Recycling and Repurposing
Brands are encouraging consumers to recycle labels and stickers as part of their commitment to sustainability. This is achieved by using labels with easily removable adhesives or incorporating recycling instructions on labels.

Innovative Sticker and Label Applications

Stickers and labels are no longer confined to traditional uses. Innovative applications have expanded their role in various industries.

NFC and RFID Labels
Near Field Communication (NFC) and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) labels are revolutionising inventory management and consumer engagement. These smart labels can transmit information when scanned, allowing for real-time tracking and interactive marketing campaigns.

Security Labels
Security labels include features like holograms, tamper-evident materials, and covert markings to prevent counterfeiting and protect products from tampering.

QR Code Labels
QR codes on labels provide a convenient way for consumers to access additional information about a product or brand. They are commonly used for marketing campaigns, product authentication, and digital engagement.